Problem with ifgrp delete in 8.1 simulator cluster

I'm running a 2 node c-mode cluster in a simulator, NetApp release 8.1X45. There's a problem when attempting to delete a simple one port ifgroup I created earlier.

gemini::> network port ifgrp show -node gemini-01 -ifgrp a0a

Node: gemini-01

Interface Group Name: a0a

Distribution Function: ip

Create Policy: multimode

MAC Address: 02:50:56:a7:00:0d

Port Participation: full

Network Ports: e0d

Up Ports: e0d

Down Ports: -

gemini::> network port ifgrp delete -node gemini-01 -ifgrp a0a

Error: command failed: invalid operation

When attempting the same operation with System Manager 2.0 there is a com.netapp.sysmgr.client.api.NaApiFailureException error, with error message 13114. No suggested corrective action is listed. Any troubleshooting thoughts?

This generates a log entry: vifmgr.portup: A link up event was received on node gemini-01, port a0a. But not much else.



Re: Problem with ifgrp delete in 8.1 simulator cluster

I must be the smartest idiot online today!

Solved this by first setting advanced and then taking down the ifgroup, i.e. `net port modify -node gemini-01 -port a0a -up-admin false`. By going into advanced mode the up-admin parameter is enabled.