Protection Manager 4.0 Features

Team, Thank you very much for provising answers to my previous request. I really appreciate the help.

Sorry to keep bothering you with Protection Manager/Provisioning Manager 4.0 questions. We are working on implementing it on a large environment with PB(s) of SnapVault Backup relationships, so we are trying to uncover any surprises.

One of the Protection Manager 4.0 features from the product ppt slides says:

- Automate Migration of volume(s) to a different aggregate of same or different storage systems

Question: Does this feature require SnapMirror license on the destination systems?

- How does Protection Manager migrate the volumes to a different aggregate of same or different storage?

- Also, could you please confirm that the volumes they are referring here are the "destination" volumes - so I understood that they would baseline the destination volume to another location so all current snapshots would be moved to the new location.

My customer does not have snapmirror licenses in the destination systems, so I'm hoping this can be done w/o snapmirror.

Thank you very much!!

Re: Protection Manager 4.0 Features

If not, you might be able to use a demo 90 day key for a one-time operation.

Re: Protection Manager 4.0 Features

Hi Demelo,

The secondary space management feature does the following:
  • Displays detailed information about the space status of your aggregates and about the space status of the volumes and datasets in those aggregates.
  • Displays space management jobs that are associated with an aggregate.
  • Enables you to plan and implement migration of volumes on secondary storage.
  • Enables you to plan and implement tasks for deleting backups and Snapshot copies (primary, secondary, and tertiary storage), increasing or decreasing the volume size (primary, secondary, and tertiary storage), and performing volume deduplication (primary storage only).
  • Displays the estimated space that will be reclaimed on an aggregate as a result of performing the tasks that you plan.

As part of the secondary migration, protection manager will reconfigure all relationships on the old destination volume to point to the new migrated destination volume. This includes incoming and outgoing SV/VSM/QSM relationships. Ensuring that no rebaseline is needed in this step.

Although I haven't explictily tried it my understanding is Protection Manager will attempt to VSM (if snapmirror license is enabled) to migrate volumes.

If your migrating VSM or QSM destinations you clearly have SnapMirror licensed and it will use Volume SnapMirror to migrate (assuming you have it Snapmirror licensed on the new destination)

If your migrating SnapVault destinations if will attempt to use Volume SnapMirror but if that's not licensed then it will use NDMP (if that's not configured then it will fail)

Hope this helps