Protection Manager Design for OSSV clients for best Dedupe savings

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I'm fairly new to utilizing Protection Manager with OSSV.

IHAC that is needing to get as much dedupe savings as possible from their OSSV backups. I need a recommendation on best way to provision the datasets/resource pools to allow Protection Manager to make backups to a single or just a couple large volumes. I set up a resource pool with a single aggregate and single volume, then created datasets with OSSV clients associated to it. They have different retention requirements which led me to create different datasets related to 1 year, 1 month or 2 weeks retentions. I noticed an issues when trying to associate a volume in a single resource pool to multiple datasets with only being allowed to use a volume per dataset, or multiple datasets can't utilize a single volume within a resource pool. It may be my lack of understanding with datasets and resource pools, which I would welcome any suggestions on layout to gain the best deduplication savings possible for these hosts. Thanks for any input.

Re: Protection Manager Design for OSSV clients for best Dedupe savings

Hi Stephen,

     A secondary/Destination volume cant be member of more than 1 dataset. The reason being the retention and schedules of a relationship is managed at a dataset level

So if a secondary volume is part of more than 1 dataset there would be conflict in terms of retention settings and schedule time.

In a way, you answered your own questions. If you want to have different retentions and schedule times you will have to have different dataset so separate destination volumes

If the retention and schedule times are same then you dont need multiple dataset.

Also note having more number of relationship terminating in the same destination volume will lead to longer wait time for snapshot creation as all relationship needs to be in Idle state before snapvault snapshot creation.