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Protection Manager, OSSV and excluding paths

We have a Linux host with several local mount points and want to exclude some of them (/opt, /usr/local).  We populated these paths in path-exclude.txt but PM still insists on creating these relationships.  We are not individually specifying the mount points in the dataset but instead are specifying the host itself.

Is a mount point exclusion even supported like this?


Re: Protection Manager, OSSV and excluding paths

AFAIK the exclusion list is applicable only if you use ossv to create snapvault rels.

When you use PM it doenst honor that.

Pls use the below cli to ignore the primary dir from being backedup.

dfbm primary dir ignore <dirname/id>



Re: Protection Manager, OSSV and excluding paths

Thanks for the quick reply.  Yes this is OSSV.

So instead of using the path-exclude.txt file, I should instead you the 'dfbm primary dir ignore' command?

Re: Protection Manager, OSSV and excluding paths

Prot Mgr should honor OSSV file/path exclusions.  These exclusions are controlled by the OSSV agent so it's really transparent to Prot Mgr.  The problem here is that you are assigning the entire host as the object to be protected.   Therefore, Prot Mgr is creating individual relationships for each mount point.  So, on the one hand you are saying ignore /opt and on the other hand you are saying create a relationship for /opt.  There is a conflict and apparently OSSV assumes that if you create a relationship for /opt then you don't want to ignore it.

It sounds like Adai's suggestion to use the dfbm command is in the context of assigning the entire host as the backup object in Prot Mgr.  Sounds like a good plan.  Generally speaking, however, Prot Mgr should honor the OSSV excludes.  If I protect /data with Prot Mgr, but I exclude an individual directory within /data (using OSSV path exclusion), Prot Mgr should be fine with it.



Re: Protection Manager, OSSV and excluding paths

AFAIK when the entire host is added PM protects it completely.All drive.

It should ideally honor the exclusion list specified in OSSV though I am not sure why they don't.

what is gave was a way to exclude from PM side,irrespective of OSSV exclusion list.



Re: Protection Manager, OSSV and excluding paths

On another note... would it not just be easier to add the individual mount points to the dataset rather than the entire host?  Typically you would add the entire host if you wanted to protect every drive or mount point on that host.  For more granular control I would suggest simply adding the mounts points you need.  Then you don't have to run any dfbm commands.

Re: Protection Manager, OSSV and excluding paths

I completely agree with not to adding the entire host if you don't want to backup the whole machine.  Unfortunately, that's what this business unit wants.  If this isn't supported then it is what it is and we'll just specify the mounts individually.  I've tested the 'dfbm primary dir ignore' using both 'ossvhost:/boot and ossvhost:/boot/' and neither work.

I also believed that the excludes were client side and PM would have to honor them (I do restart the snapvault process each time we've modified any exclude paths).

Thanks all for the quick replies.

Re: Protection Manager, OSSV and excluding paths


I believe that i have a resolution.

When you add the host with OSSV in PtMgr then you hav two ways to backup the system.

First is that you add the host to a Dataset. Then the whole host with all drives and files are being backuped.

The second way is, that you add within a new or a given dataset only the drive that you want to backup by searching

this in the "assign resources manualy" part. Here expand the host in the left pane and pick up the drive.