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Protection Manager Snapvault snapshot name

hi all,

- don't know if PS technet stuff is in NetApp community so I forward her -

my customer currently backup his secondary snapvault snapshot on a Adic library with Netwroker.

Snapvault management is by DFM & BCO. With this we can set the snapshot name. Networker, each friday, catch this snap with NDMP automatically.

we are in progress to replace actual architecture with new FAS3140 as secondary snapvault and management by Protection Manager.

I try to find a way to set the snapshot name with this new configuration for networker to continue to put the backup properly on tape.

does someone know how to make it or done it before ? does it need to be scripted ?




Re: Protection Manager Snapvault snapshot name

Hi Guillome

Protection Manager Snapshot names are influenced by the following dfm options:



But what you can not change is, that every snapshot name starts with a timestamp: "yyyymmdd hh:mm:ss ...." - and yes: there are spaces in the name, so be carefull when scripting, and the ":" could be replaced by an "_" with pmUseSDUCompatibleSnapshotNames.

So you definitely need scripting - just have an open thread myself, but got no answer yet too....

IMHO I would recommend a very carefull planned and thorough proof-of-concept in a close work together with NetApp - cause DFM/PM is a quite new product and some features are still missing.



Re: Protection Manager Snapvault snapshot name


Adding to Markus's point

The following options would affect the naming of the snapshots (would also affect destination volume and qtree names):

pmCustomNameUseRetentionType (Would specify the retention time of the snapshot: Hourly/Weekly/Daily/Monthly)

pmCustomNameUseHostName       (Would specify the source host name)

pmCustomNameUseVolumeName   (Would specify the source volume name)

pmCustomNameUseQtreeList         (List of qtrees)

The following options would only affect the volumes names:



and the following option would turn semi colons to underscores (for mounting snapshots on windows)


Here's how a snapshot name would look like:

<timestamp retention-type>_<host>_<volume>.[<qtree1>.<qtree2>...];

You cannot remove the time stamp as that is the only unique ID of a snapshot to be recognized by protection manager. AFAIK The maximum length of PRotection Manager's snapshot's name is 128 charecters, if the length is exceeds, then except for the timestamp retention-type, all the names would be truncated (It would pobabily start with qtrees then host and volume - I'm really not sure about the order)

So as a suggestion - Don't have all the option enabled - Decide on what name the script is going to query upon - enable that option and disable the rest.

Hope that helps.

Thanks and regards

Shiva Raja