Protection Manager & OSSV Streams

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We are looking at integrating our OSSV backups for our 600+ remote sites into Protection Manager.  Currently these are all configured directly on the filer with various compression, throttling and re-try settings with the schedules managed by the filer.

The first question is how does Protection Manager manage the number of concurrent OSSV streams.  At the moment our FAS3020 does 32 at a time, once 32 are running the other jobs queue up waiting for a free slot.  If i import these into Protection Manager is it capable of queuing up the jobs whilst it waits for a free slot to become available?  I don't want it to abort the job just because all 32 streams are in use.

The second question is if i import the existing OSSV relationship into a dataset will it remember all the settings that have been configured for the relationship such as throttling, compression etc?



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Hi Martin,

nothings going to be changed. The job will still be waiting for a free slot.

I don't think Protection Manager will import your settings like throttling compression etc. cause PM works with policies. But Iam not sure.

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Thanks for the reply. 

I don't quite understand how the PM process works then, if i import the relationship does that mean that it will actively remove settings that PM cannot implement/manage?  The relationship is already configured correctly i just want PM to manage the schedules.

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You first have to add a new Dataset with protection manager and after that you can import your existing SV/SM relationships with "External Relationship" -> "Import". Now you are able to assign the existing relationship to your new Dataset. Protection Manager accept this as an already initialized relationship and no new initial transfer will be initiated. But you have to manually setup a new protection policy with local and remote snap scheds.

But you are right, thats a good question... What is with existing snapshot scheds? I think you have to manually unsched them via "snapvault unsched" . The admin & install guide don't tell us any further information hope someone else can help you. Sorry!

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You're right about the unsched command.  Once you have configured the dataset and imported your existing relationships you have to manually unschedule the existing jobs from the filer using the unsched command.

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Good to know!

How did you figured it out? Sounds like the good old "try and error"

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I'm found it in at TR or admin doc somewhere but i can't find which one.  Whilst testing i set up a new OSSV relationship from within Protection Manager (to a different destination) for a client which already had a relationship on the filer.  The PM jobs worked fine but the original relationship still backed up as well according to the relationship schedules on the filer so i removed the schedule.