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Protection Manager and new SanpMirror Relationships

Does Protection Manager have the ability  to know that a SnapMirror relationship is over a "slow" link ?

Two sites  Production  and DR  connect via 20 Mb Link.

Have a DataSet  for  CIFS  shares that need to be mirrored daily, all works great. Even have provisioning manager   setup so IT guys can create their new CIFS  shares.

Problem- IT guy creates new CIFS  share and dumps 100Gb of files into it, now I have 100Gb  that needs to be mirrored to the DR site.

My intial thoughts are to create the snap mirror relationship manually and  use SMTAPE or LREP  to seed the DR site then import it  in to Protection Manager.

Sort of defeats the purpose of Provisioning Manager ????

Please let me know if I have missed something 




Protection Manager and new SanpMirror Relationships

Hi Richard,

     Then for now, until you finish the initial seeding, have only provisioning policy attached to the dataset and not the protection policy of MIRROR.So that PM would create snapmirror relationship.Once initial seeing is done, you can import all these snapmirror relationship into your dataset.