Protection Manager and snapmirror/snapvault schedules

I am looking to get a schedule to do the following and I can't current seem to get Protection manager to follow what I want to do even when trying to import an existing relationship.

Here is what I am trying to accomplish.

Primary Volume (currently has a snapshot schedule of 4 hourly, 7 daily and 7 weekly snapshots being kept) with a daily snapmirror to a secondary volume.

This is what I would like to do,

Keep that existing mirror and get to the following Protection manager setup

Primary volume (snapshots at 4 hourly, a daily snapshot keeping 7, and a weekly snapshot keeping 7) then a dialy snapmirror to a secondary volume

Secondary volume will then have a snapvault relationship teritary volum with a monthly schedule to archive 1 years worth weekly data that is accessable for restores

I am little confused on how to set this up or I am just not seeing this clearly, any help would be appreciated.

Thank you


Protection Manager and snapmirror/snapvault schedules

You should be bale to Import the existing relationship (mirror) and then change it to the Protection Policy you want.

Protection Manager and snapmirror/snapvault schedules

Hi Mike,

     You should create a weekly schedule with daily and hourly events.Where the daily events would be like daily @ 8PM and hourly events with once every 4 hours. Accordingly you must also set the retention schedules in the policy.Attached is a sample of the same.

Copy the exisiting policy under NMC->ManageData->Policies->Protection->Schedules->"Daily at Midnight with Hourly"

Edit the copied policy

Go to the hourly events tab,Now change the Frequency in minutes to 240( once every four hours)

Similarly go to the daily events tab and change the time at which daily snaphost need to be created.In my case I am leaving it at default of 12.

Go to the General tab and re-name the scheudle if required and Click apply.


Copy the exisiting policy under NMC->ManageData->Policies->Protection->Schedules->"Sunday at Midnight with daily and hourly"

Edit the copied policy

Go to Daily Events tab Click and daily schedule and select the above policy that we created from the drop down list.

Now go to the Weekly events and click the day on which you want to create your weekly snapshots and the time.

Now rename the policy and click on apply and ok.

Now select your policy, you would like to use and change the retention duration, and apply the above created schedules.



Protection Manager and snapmirror/snapvault schedules

That is Great! Thank you, that sets ups the first Schedule for the snapmirror, but for the SnapVault and that retention, that is a whole nother story, should I do the same thing using the snapmirror volume, but then setup a monthly and keep 52 weekly snapshots then for the year of retention?