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Protection Manager throttle policy

I have a couple of 2020 that I'm using snapvault with protection manager to backup.  I'm putting the second 2020 offsite so I setup a throttle policy during the day to limit the bandwidth.  If I start the job during the active throttle time it throttles the job and if I start the job after the time specified on the throttle job it is unlimited, however if the either job goes past the specified time on the policy it doesn't adjust the bandwidth.  It leaves it the same as when it started.  That makes the throttle policy useless as any job that overruns it's nightly backup window is still going to kill my bandwidth the next morning making my connection useless for it's regular daily use. I would hope it's not a common occurance but anytime I add a vm it's going to be a pretty big backup.  I'm not at all familiar with scripting or very familiar with the command line, but is there a way to accomplish it via those methods?


Re: Protection Manager throttle policy

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We had the same setup & issue with the WAN and solved it by upgrading the link.  ;-)

Before then we set the bandwidth throttle on the destination server to limit the max incoming rate.  Works great, just set a [AT / Cron] job to RSH to the filer and set the options replication.throttle.incoming.max_kbs.  High and low as required.

Links to details here

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Re: Protection Manager throttle policy

The throttle only dictates the speed or the bandwidth of a job based on the time at which it is triggered. Once a job is set a bandwidth based on the throttle time and its kb/s value, it's constant for the entire job until it gets completed.It does not vary even though it has crossed the throttle window.

So using a throttle you can only say if a job starts between 8 AM and 5PM it must be set 300kb/s as the bandwidth.

If a job that started @ 3:00 PM runs till 6:00PM does not change the throttle value to unlimited after 5PM as this job was triggered @ 3:00 PM during the throttle window.

But if another job is triggered @ 5:05PM, it will be using unlimited bandwidth.