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Protection Mgr Preferred Interfaces (SnapVault using FC)

I am trying to determine whether or not protection manager preferred interfaces can be used as a workaround in forcing SnapVault to leverage FC rather than IP links.

The effort is necessary to satisfy a customer requirement of using FC for replication and backup and recovery.

I was advised the following would accommodate this requirement but I have been unable to verify its viability.

"You set the hostPreferredAddr1 and hostPreferredAddr2 options for the

> two hosts and that will tell us to use the FC ports, not the default

> Ethernet port"

Having reviewed tr-3560. The document seems to indicate the SnapVault is controlled (from ProtMgr) with the ndmpd.preferred_interface parameter. SnapMirror is controlled using the
hostPreferredAddr1 and hostPreferredAddr2 options. By implication then these parameters would override the ndmpd.preferred.interface option that controls or directs SnapVault?

Your assistance is really appreciated.

Re: Protection Mgr Preferred Interfaces (SnapVault using FC)


Fot SnapVault preffered interface, the settings (options) should be specified on the filer


Once the option is set, you need to check the value of DFM option "ndmpDataUseAllInterfaces"

Dfm options list ndmpDataUseAllInterfaces

If the value is 1 set it to 0/no (dfm options set ndmpDataUseAllInterfaces=no)

Thanks and regards

Shiva Raja