QL2560 FC HBA supported on Netapp?

I have a FAS3140. Data Ontap 7.3.3 . Just installed Ql2560 FC HBA adapter in each head.  in slot 3.

Netapp does even see the adapter.  i look in the logs, and i get the following message:   NetappServer:sysoncig.logErr:Card in slot 3 (2-1077-2532-0) is not supported.

dont tell me its true,, i called Qlogic myself and they say it is supported...

Do i have to run some command to get netapp to see the card?


rob davis

Re: QL2560 FC HBA supported on Netapp?

There's absolutely no way QLogic told you that was supported.  You cannot take an off-the-shelf adapter and stick it into a filer.  If you want additional connectivity, you need to buy a card from NetApp directly or through your VAR if you have one.

Re: QL2560 FC HBA supported on Netapp?

It's just a misunderstanding between you and Qlogic's support.

"Supported" means "for connection", but NOT for pluging this card inside NetApp's controller.

You can use inside controller only cards coming from NetApp, with his own firmware, etc.

Re: QL2560 FC HBA supported on Netapp?

Darn it! ..  Could you point me to  a list of supported HBA's that is supported ?...

thank you

rob davis