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QSM update

Hi all,

I have to following situation:

Primary location:

Netapp 3210, Ontap 8.0.2P3, 64-bit aggregates

Secondary location:

Netapp 2050, Ontap 7.3.6P5, 32-bit aggregate

I have qtree snapmirror relations running between the problem here!

The challenge (for me) is to update the qtree snapmirror relation with the snapshot created by Snapmanager (SQL / Exchange).

To let Snapmanager update the Snapmirror relation after operation is only possible when using volume Snapmirror.

Is is possible (using CLI) to do this for qtree snapmirror relations ?!?!

Thanks for you reply!!

Kind regards,



Re: QSM update

With qtree snapmirror you can specify with the -s option which snapshot on source should be used. I think you can execute the snapmirror commands in a post processing batch file of the snapmanagers.


Re: QSM update

Thanks Pascal!

That will help me update the QSM with specified snapshot.



Re: QSM update

Hi Rob,

Sorry to hijack your thread! I have a similar situation to you with a 2240 doing qsm to a 3140 (7.2.3). After the initial creation with -s, how are you updating the destination to ensure backups are valid?



Re: QSM update

Hi Barry,

Make sure you use the "-gen" option in the joblauncher of Snapmanager SQL/Exchange etc. This way the must recent application consistent snapshot always has the same name. Now it's easy to automate using for example "plink" (or some identical SSH tool) to update the QSM.

I use something like this: snapmirror update -s sqlsnap__servername__recent /vol/volume-name/qtree-name

Hope this helps!



Re: QSM update

Brilliant, thanks