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QSM with clustermode ? When ?


I would like to know if something is scheduled to have the QSM (qtree snapmirror) functionnality on Clustermode ?

If yes, when ?

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Re: QSM with clustermode ? When ?

I don't think that is in the plans for Clustered ONTAP.  Everything is volume based including the nice addition of SnapVault (XDP snapmirror type) which is now a type of snapmirror that allows different retentions on source/target.

Re: QSM with clustermode ? When ?

Asked and answered. Give Scotty his 10 points. No QSM.  Snapmirror gives you 1-to-Many mirroring. Given that you can mount volumes anywhere in custom namespaces and the ever increasing maximum number of volumes, the role of the qtree is taking a backseat to bigger ideas.


Re: QSM with clustermode ? When ?

I would really like the ability to create an nfs export below / though… not just qtree but any level like 7-mode… hopefully that is on the roadmap. It will make migrations easier.

Re: QSM with clustermode ? When ?

I'm not sure I see the problem. Given that one can internally (in ONTap) mount a volume pretty much anywhere in a custom namespace, one can almost use volumes like qtrees, just with a much better "container" for moving data in the background within the cluster.  One just exports the volumes as part of the namespace. Admittedly, I haven't spent enough time with this yet to fully wrap my head around all the possibilities.   I guess if you exported "hidden" directories below the old qtree level, you had a pretty quirky setup (although I've done CIFS shares a level or two below the qtree before. It wasn't very pretty though.   Migration, if you mean from 7- to Cluster Mode, is pretty painful and the available tools really seem like lab experiments. Getting people over to cluster mode means migration for almost all of us but it doesn't look like that fact has hit home at NetApp yet. VTW was crude, MTT is actually perhaps even a bit worse. Given that NetApp wants to be a major SAN vendor, lack of migration tools for LUNs seems like a critical blindspot also.   S.

Re: QSM with clustermode ? When ?

Agreed. I didn't specify it would really help for migrations from 7m when customers have sub exports. For new clusters not really an issue. But migration pain having to change to mount at the top level.

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