Question about Flex Clone

Just planning setting up a snapvault containing luns and was wondering if it is possible to create a snapshot on the vault and use it to create flex clones?

It would be useful to test the backups and to quickly spin up a test environment.

Anyone know if this is possible?

Re: Question about Flex Clone


I presume that you have created LUN under qtree ( for using snapvault)

Your snapvaulted volume is read only, so when you create a clone of this volume, the clone will be read only.

You have to run  "snapmirror convert" and then a "snapmirror break" to make the clone  writebale ( need a snapmirror license).

For example : snapvaulted volume is volume1 and qtree qtree1

- You create a snapshot for volume1 on destination filer : daily.0

- you create a clone of volume1 based on snapshot daily.0

     vol clone create CL_volume1 -s none -b volume1 daily.0

- you disable snapmirror and snapvault

     snapmirror off

     options snapvault.enable off

-  you switch to diag level

     priv set diag

- snapmirror convert

          snapmirror convert /vol/CL_volume1/qtree1

- you active snapmirror and snapvault

         snapmirror on

          options snapvault.enable on

- you break snapmirror

          snapmirror quiesce /vol/CL_volume1/qtree1

          snapmirror break  destination:/vol/CL_volume1/qtree1

I have done this for snapvaulted qtree, I think that it will be also OK for LUN under qtree.

I hope that will help.


Re: Question about Flex Clone

Thanks for the quick response.

I will give this a try, in the example you are doing all the changes to the cloned volume.

By doing this will I it have any effect on the funtionality of the snapvault destination?  If I take a a clone and mount it as a test this may be around for several days and backups would still need to be happening.

Re: Question about Flex Clone

Yes, all the changes have been made on the clone volume.

The clone is created  using a snapshot, so if you make change on the clone, snapshot size will increase. You have to monitor your volume size if it needs to be extended.

When the tests will be finished, don't forget  destroy the clone.