Question about Snapvault Volume Sizing

Just wondering if there is a good rule of thumb for sizing snapvault destination volumes?

Here is what I have done in my planning so far as I though it would be the best way.......................

Will be backing up a number of luns so I have taken the lunsizes as the baseline and then using the Operations manager growth report to get the snapshot growth per GB per day.

I have then multipled this per day growth out to the number of days we require backup for and added the baseline then added 20% to that figure.

Does that sound like a sensible way of sizing?

Also can anyone confirm the maximum volume size that I can use ASIS with on a FAS2040 with Data ONTAP Release 7.3.2?

Will i need to goto Ontap 8.1 to get ASis on volumes bigger than 1TB?

Re: Question about Snapvault Volume Sizing

There are guidelines you can follow to estimate the size of SnapVault secondary storage system volumes for growth over one year, depending on how often you back up data.

    Three percent (3%) growth every day

    Five percent (5%) growth every week

    Ten percent (10%) growth every month

    Seven percent (7%) monthly growth rate, compounded to 100 percent growth every year

Following is an example of how to estimate the daily backup.

Example: Estimating daily backup

Assume a starting baseline transfer of 1 GB and 100 percent growth of new data for the year (1 GB). The changed size due to daily growth if changes are made every weeknight is as follows:

    Calculate daily backup by using the following equation: Size due to daily growth = (number of days x .03) - (new data)

    For example, size due to daily growth = (250 x .03) - 1 GB = 7.5 GB - 1 GB = 6.5 GB of change

    Therefore, for 1 GB of source data, you need 1 GB baseline + 1 GB new data + 6.5 GB of changed data = 8.5 GB secondary system volume. In other words, you must be able to scale the secondary system volume to about 8 times the current data set size within one year.

Attached is the document for finding maximum volume sizes for dedupe, hope that is helpful.



Re: Question about Snapvault Volume Sizing

The best way is to use the snapvault sizing tool and proceed with it.

thank you


Re: Question about Snapvault Volume Sizing

Could you provide more details on the snapvault sizing tool?

Is it a netapp tool or 3rd party? it isn't availiable in the tool chest from what I can see.

Re: Question about Snapvault Volume Sizing

Will give this a try but it seems rather generic.

Operations manager is giving me the actual snapshot growth rates per day for the actual volumes so would this not be more accurate?

Re: Question about Snapvault Volume Sizing

it is a netapp tool and it is used by authorized netapp professional services, you can engage your sales acct manager and see if he can run the tool for you.

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Re: Question about Snapvault Volume Sizing

snapvault sizing tool does nothing greater than what i have mentioned earlier. Its the same math it uses on the back end. Also there is some thing called snapvault space estimator, The Open Systems SnapVault space estimator is a utility available with the Open Systems SnapVault product that enables you to ascertain if there is sufficient disk space available on the Open Systems SnapVault primary to perform a backup. If this utility is run on a system that does not have the Open Systems SnapVault product installed, it can also provide recommendations on where to install the product and its database and temporary files based on the currently available free space.