Question about vfilers and volumes

Hello All,

I have to setup one vfiler in one HA pair and one tricky question comes to the table:

If I setup one vfiler in controller A it is possible to use one volume from controller A and another volume from controller B ?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Question about vfilers and volumes

Hi. In short, it depends on what you are trying to do. You cant add a volume from Controller A & B, to the same vFiler on ControllerA, if thats what you mean. Why would you wish to do this? If you are using separate IPSpaces etc, then generally the volumes are assigned to vFilers using that IPSpace on an individual controller.


Re: Question about vfilers and volumes

Only volumes on the same physical controller answered already. And good point on ipspaces. Need to mark ipspaces for fail over. To use volumes on different nodes that concept is cluster-mode with Vservers which is a similar concept but across all nodes. But not available in 7-mode.