Question on Raid DP with Hotspare

1)Current setup is Raid DP with hotspare for each controller.

My Question is

         1)Can i assign the hot spare disk to the aggregate.

         2)If yes then i can assign both the Hot spare to one controller itself.

         3)It is advisable to use the storage box without hot spare.

Re: Question on Raid DP with Hotspare

Put simply:

1. No, a spare is assigned to a controller

2. No, you need at least one spare per controller

3. No.

In reality you could probably be able get away with one spare per cluster, if you are in a position to be able quickly change the ownership of the spare to the other controller if that's were it's needed.

If you had no spares you'd be getting error messages quite often.

In theory you'd need to lose two disks in an aggregate before you'd lose data. But without a spare ready to go, the rebuild time could be quite high.

It's a risk, do you want to take it?

Re: Question on Raid DP with Hotspare

Thanks for reply.

In case of taking risk by utilizing the hotspare to usable capacity then it is possible to available hotspare as usable disk to the single controller itself