Question on migration from fas2020 to fas2240-2

We purchased a new FAS2240-2 with 24 450gb SAS disks and I have a question for migration from my FAS2020 with external shelf. Is it a good idea to snapmirror the root volume from my 2020 to the new 2240 so all my settings stay in place for my environment? I am running 7.3.6 on the FAS2020 device and 8.1.1 7-mode on the FAS2240-2 device. I am looking for advice on what my best path for this migration would be. I appreciate any help in advance.

Re: Question on migration from fas2020 to fas2240-2

Hello jkoelker,

If you did not put any of your own data in the root volume on the old FAS2020, you may not need to snap mirror it to your new FAS2240-2.

The seller of new FAS2240-2 could draft a migration work plan for your review.

Good luck