Questions on vFiler DR site migration

Hi all,

I am planning to work on a DR site migration. The DR site has several vfilerDR running FC sync mode. New FAS3140 has been installed and configured in the new site. The customer would like to migrate the DR site with minimum impact. So the plan is as below : (pls also refer to the diagram attached)

1. Create async snapmirror volumes through FC from the prod site to the new DR site.

2. Stop and destroy the existing vfilerDR in the old DR site.

3. Create vfilerDR on the snapmirrored volumes in the new DR site and change the snapmirror to sync

Question are:

1. WIll there be any impact to the existing vfilerDR when initializing the snapmirror from prod site to the new DR site filers?

2. When create the vfilerDR on the snapmirrored volumes, will the snapmirrored volume being initialized again ?



Re: Questions on vFiler DR site migration

Hi Terrence,

there is no problem to create a new vfiler DR on the new site and after successful initializing (end of mirroring) ,

you could stop and remove the old vfiler DR configuration.

It's all without any impact for physical filer...  You have to create the new volumes on the new destination only,

you must not set any snapmirror before..  the vfiler dr configure  command takeover this task for you.