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Quotas on SM destination (7-mode)




Can/Should 7-Mode VSM destination volumes automatically enable quotas when their SnapMirror relationships are broken? (Assuming the source volume has quotas enabled.)  Note that quotas are automatically disabled on the destination volume while in a mirrored-state.  In my testing, you still have to manually enable quotas on the volume after the SnapMirror relationship is broken.


I assume this is an expected behaviour but appreciate if someone can confirm. Also, is there a way to work around, to enable it automatically everytime the relationship is broken?


Re: Quotas on SM destination (7-mode)



Quotas are always disabled on a SnapMirror volume destination, regardless of whether quotas are enabled on the source volume. If you try to enable quotas on a volume destination, SnapMirror displays an error message. Quotas are not disabled on SnapMirror destination qtrees.

To convert a SnapMirror destination to a writable volume or qtree, please refer


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