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RC file - adding new storage network

Greetings.  Need help on what exactly I need to add to the /etc/rc file on my 3240 in 7-mode on 8.1.2 p4 after temporarily bringing up interfaces from the CLI so that it becomes permanent.

  I do know how to add to configs on the netapp, i am mostly curious at what from my commands issued below need to go into the RC and where to make it work as expected.  What I added from the CLI is below that brought up a non routing 'storage' network for our NFS and what I need added to my RC file.

ifgrp create lacp STORAGE -b ip e6b e6a

vlan create STORAGE 203

ifconfig STORAGE-203 netmask mtusize 9000 up

ifconfig STORAGE-203 alias netmask up

Interfaces are up fine at this point and I can reach them.

My rc file consists of the below

#Auto-generated by setup Tue Jun  5 17:52:15 CDT 2012

hostname XXXXX

ifgrp create lacp LACP -b ip e1a e1b

ifconfig e0M `hostname`-e0M flowcontrol full netmask mtusize 1500

ifconfig LACP `hostname`-LACP netmask partner LACP mtusize 9000 trusted wins up

route add default 1

routed on

options dns.domainname

options dns.enable on

options nis.enable off


I am assuming all i need to do is paste that chunk of data I used in CLI either above or below the other ifgrp/ifconfig/etc statements.  Thanks for any input.

Re: RC file - adding new storage network

You need to add exactly the same commands.

Re: RC file - adding new storage network

Thanks for the confirmation aborzenkov!