RE-IP a vfiler

I need to change the IPs on my vfilers and change the default route. My vfilers handle iscsi and nfs. I do not have any fiber connections.

I planned on the following steps:

1. change the rc file to reflect the IP changes to the default IP space for the pfilers and vfilers

         This includes changing the IPs for the vfilers, the pfiler, and the default route.

2. change the hosts files on the pfilers and vfilers

3. change the resovl.conf file on the pfilers and vfilers

4. reboot the filer

        I have a clusterd pair running DataOntap 8.1.2 7-Mode. Here are my planned steps

      1. disable take over mode
      2. reboot one head
      3. test
      4. reboot other head
      5. test
      6. enable take over mode

5. perform cifs setup again for each vfiler and pfiler

I was reading a VFiler to a new IPspace and that post says I have to destory the vfiler and recreate them.

Since I am changing the pfiler and vfiler's IPs and then rebooting the heads do I need to destory and recreate the vfilers?


Re: RE-IP a vfiler

If you are not changing the name of the ipspace used by the vFiler (keeping the same IPspace name) then you are ok... the IPspace doesn't mean a specific network just the name of the routing table used by the vFiler.  If you change the network but leave the name the same you don't have to destroy it.

However, you do need to "vfiler add vfilername -i newip" for the ip addresses you are going to use... Then after you reboot...or if you manually ifconfig instead after vfiler add, you can then 'vfiler remove vfilername -i"... The assignment of the IP to the vFiler is separate from the ifconfig and must occur first for the ip to bind to the specific vFiler.  I typically would do all this to get it working prior to reboot, then do a reboot as a final test if you can take the outage for the entire controller (or takeover/giveback).

Also, if the domain is staying the same, you won't have to rejoin the domain with cifs setup for an IP change.