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RLM Status: Offline

Recently started seeing this message appear on FilerB:

Mon Jan 23 11:00:15 PST [FilerB: rlm.orftp.failed:warning]: RLM communication error, receiver timeout waiting for RLM response.

Mon Jan 23 11:00:15 PST [FilerB: rlm.driver.hourly.stats:warning]: The software driver for the Remote LAN Module (RLM) detected a problem: Configuration Error (1).

Here's what I see when I do a 'rlm status' on FilerB  (FilerA shows 'Status: Online'):

FilerB> rlm status

          Remote LAN Module           Status: Offline

         Part Number:       XXX

         Revision:          XX

                    Serial Number:      XXXX

                    Firmware Version:   X.X

                    Mgmt MAC Address:   00:A0:98:XX:XX:XX

                    Ethernet Link:      up

                    Using DHCP:         no

          IPv4 configuration:

                    IP Address:


                    Gateway:   is pingable from FilerA, and 'cf hw_assist test' works fine from both filers.  Here is what 'cf hw_assist status' looks like from FilerB.

FilerB> cf hw_assist status

Local Node(FilerB) Status:

          Active: FilerB monitoring alerts from partner(FilerA)

          port 4444 IP address

Partner Node(FilerA) Status:

          Active: FilerA monitoring alerts from partner(FilerB)

          port 4444 IP address

Any suggestions on how to resolve this non-disruptively are appreciated.


Re: RLM Status: Offline

I've seen that issue a couple times.  I think ontap just loses communication with rlm somehow.

I do a 'rlm reboot' to clear the problem.

Re: RLM Status: Offline

Sorry hope this is a old post i am also facing the same issue does the RLM reboot needs downtime or it will have any disruption on the filer ???

Re: RLM Status: Offline

RLM reboot should not cause any impact on running filer. You will lose console if you are connected via RLM LAN port.

Re: RLM Status: Offline

Thanks for the confirmation