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Re: Best way to get Data ONTAP version

Use the following command:


filer> version -b


Best way to get Data ONTAP version

I need to know if the system I am running against is 7.1 or greater in order to determine if mapped retention times (up to 2071) are supported.  I know system-get-version returns this, but it is retrurned in a string like "NetApp Release 7.3.2: Thu Oct 15 03:13:41 PDT 2009".  system-get-ontapi-version returns a much nicer result with major and minor version children.  I would prefer not to rely on parsing out the release date string is possible.  Is there another way to get this information, e.g. could I correlate version info returned in the system-get-ontapi-version call to a specific version of Data ONTAP?

Re: Best way to get Data ONTAP version

Hi ,

You could check the SDK version matrix to co relate major version with ONTAP release versions.


Vishal Kulkarni