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Re-initializing Snapvaults over a wan -alternatives?

I want reconfigure some existing snapvaults and point them to a new secondary.  The problem is that the baselines will be over 1.5 ters and I only have a T1s worth for replication traffic...  Has anyone ever initialized a snapvault using removable storage moved between sites?


Re: Re-initializing Snapvaults over a wan -alternatives?

Not exactly tried it myself, but have you considered looking at SnapMirror to Tape? This should allow for SnapVault to continue from the recovered tape, but I am unsure as I haven't done this exactly. As I say, it should work that way!

Re: Re-initializing Snapvaults over a wan -alternatives?

LREP (Logical REPlication) is a tool to enable you to do precisely this, using perhaps removable media.   It lives as a tool in the NOW toolchest -

As another option (expanding on Chris' suggestion), in the past we have used a "small FAS" to "look like" the secondary system locally, populate, then drive to the real secondary site, VSM to the real secondary, then adjust naming so the primary continues to the real secondary.....