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Currently we have 96 disks ( SAS Disks)on each of the Netapp controller, of which 3 are spares. we are left with 93 disks and we created 3 aggregates each with 31 disks. we have two raid groups each of 14+2 and 13+2 Disks on each aggregate ( 6 raid groups in total). This was created when 16TB was the limit for each aggregate( 32 bit). I am planning to recreate it as a single aggregate ( 64 bit)  of 5 raid groups each of 16+2 ( 4 raidgroups) and one raid group with 17+2 disks ( 91 disks) and 2 spares for that aggregate. from which i can save 3 disks in total and with better throughput, can someone suggest if this is a suggested way of doing it? the filer is on 7 mode and not cluster mode.

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The assumption is that you have moved all the data off of your current setup.


96 disks, is 4 shelves... Are you planning on having a separate aggr0 or rolling in aggr0.  I tend to prefer separate aggr0, but that's pure preference at this point.


Also, are those 96 disks on each controller?   on an HA pair?



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thanks for the reply,


We have not moved all the data, but we have another 3140 which can act like a standby.

Vol 0 is on the same aggregate, all the 96 disks are for single controller, we have 192 disks in total. 

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Ok, i'm a fan of even raid groups.. i'm willing to give up some spares to make this open... 


But I also like to break out vol0 as i said earlier.


18 * 5 = 90 disks

3disk aggr0 

3 spares


That's my preference.



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Your solution is great, but with your suggestion, i do not see any much of space increase in the usable capacity. My requirement here is to get additional space without any hardware upgrade.

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Im not quite sure I understand your goal.


What size disks do you have?


Limit on 3140 with 8.2.3 is 150TB

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I have 450 GB disks and the plan is on 3160 and not on 3140


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Even better.. higher limits.. i'm not seeing the issue.

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thanks for your suggestion

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You said you have 450GB disks?  Allowing for rightsize/useable factors, even your original suggested config which gets you 3 more disks only gets you a little over 1TB additional potential space in the layout.


How much additional space were you hoping to get through layout changes?


I'd go along with the previous suggestion and take those three disks and separate out an aggregate for vol0 - in 7-mode it isn't required, but I can point to specific operational and performance examples I've encountered where it makes or would have made a difference.  With the new layout, you get that for free in essence.