Reaching across networks for snapmirror

Not a necessity, but I am trying to test snapmirror to an offsite location just because a. if this goes into production, the offsite location will be the destination filer, and b. ther is just more available space there.  The problem is that the source filer is in the test enviornment on another network.  My question is,is there a way to reach across the networks to pull the data.  I can't ping the IP, host name, or fully qualified DNS name.  Any help would be greatly appreciated...

Re: Reaching across networks for snapmirror

Snapmirror can work over fibre channel or IP.  You must be able to ping the remove filers interface before you can try snapmirror.

Do you know WHY your ping packets are failing?  Routing problem, firewall which is not letting the traffic through or something else?


Re: Reaching across networks for snapmirror

Ditto to what Brendon said....given base IP connectivity between the filers (preferably unrestricted), SnapMirror setup is quite easy...but do need base IP connectivity.

If you're not sure what all to check in your environment, I might check with your network team (not sure how big the environment is?).

Re: Reaching across networks for snapmirror


You have to check if the gateway machine/router can ping the different network. If that fails then you need to ask the networking team to fix it .

You should have a proper network default gateway to route your packets to different network. Ping could fail if you don’t have a Gateway ip configured or the gateway doesn’t know how to reach the different network. If your gateway is a router then you need to have a static route in case they are not directly connected.

Once the problem is solved you should be able to reach the different network.