Real De-Dupe savings.

This may have been done before but I think it would be nice to post up real customer savings seen with De-Dupe.

Its all well and good quoting marketing stuff but us techies never fall for that so real figures are nice.

I have been compiling some real data from my customers over the past few weeks.

I will put them up here if people are interested.

What you think.


Re: Real De-Dupe savings.

Hi Mick,

It's a great idea in my opinion to post some real-life figures.

At the moment I haven't got anything in hand to share, but I will try to nag few of my customers for their stats.

I know there are some actual storage admins active (or rather very active ) on these pages, so it would be nice if they share their experiences in this matter.


Re: Real De-Dupe savings.

Not sure if you saw these posts or if it's what you are looking for but here are some examples from our community....



Thanks so much!
Terri Peluso
Senior Community Program Manager

Re: Real De-Dupe savings.

Cool... thats exactly what I was thinking... only I dont ahve any t-shirts to give away...