Reallocate after disk adds

Hi all,

I've a question about physical reallocation.

We will add some disks to our aggregate next week going from 1 aggregate configured with raidsize 18 (18 disks x 3 raid groups) to raidsize 22 (22 disks x 3 raid groups) adding 12 disks to the aggregate.

After reading some information about reallocation and adding new disks I'm coinsidering running a physical reallocation on the volumes to reallocate the volume to span on all disks and distributing the free space equally on all disks.

Should I run a reallocate -fp on every volume?

What's the better way to do it in this case?

Should I start from smallest volume to largest one and run the reallocate -fp on each volume waiting for it to finish before going to the next one?

Just a little question about the read_realloc option to anyone that used/tested it... Where would it be better in most cases? Databases? Users windows shares?



Re: Reallocate after disk adds

In Ontap 7.3 or later, I'd just use reallocate start -A -o