Recommendation on Migration Tool

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Client is migrating from EMC Clariion arrays to NETAPP 6210 arrays. I know one of the migration tool from EMC called "SANCOPY", Which allows me to do Push the data from EMC to NETAPP. Are there any other tools that? If so please suggest.

Did guys know any recommendations from Netapp.


Re: Recommendation on Migration Tool

Tool ? It depends on the type of data you are migrating.

In case it's SAN we have DTA ( Migration appliance which migrates the data - You will have both the options offline/online).

In case it's NAS then you can use securecopy which is used by NetApp PS for migration. You can also use other native migration tools like Robocopy/rsync etc. to do the same.

In case you don't wish to use the DTA appliance you can do the SAN migration at the host level using native tools via mirroring etc.

I hope it helps !

Re: Recommendation on Migration Tool

EMC also have the Power Path migration enabler but I think EMC professional services had to use that for you desire it just being a t-diver for the disks.

There are similar apps from Dell and Symantec also. They are more storage vendor agnostic.

If you are on ZFS, Oracle ASM or RHEL 5 you have the tools to migrate already built in.

Restoring from backup can work also but it's easier if it's just flat files rather than OS drives or databases.

My team have migrated around 1/4 PB this year without any special tools.