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Recommended software version

Hi all,

I'm looking for the recommended software version in the 8.2.x family to upgrade to.


Currently running 8.1.2 7-Mode (FAS2240-4)


I'm sure I read the NetApp recommended version to upgrade to was 8.2.3P6, but now can't find that link !  


Checking the Software download page for FAS2240-4 I can only see 8.2.4 listed.  Is that all the confirmation I need ?  Sanity check more than anything Smiley Happy






Re: Recommended software version

Might as well go all the way to 8.2.4P1.  The tricky parts of going from an 8.1.x to an 8.2.x are around making sure everything else is ready before you start (snapdrive, snapmanagers, SAN component compatability, MPIO, etc.).  Check the interoperability matrix, update any other components ahead of time as required, run an upgrade advisor report, read the docs, and use config advisor to make sure everything is in a healthy state before you start.




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Re: Recommended software version

Thnaks for coming back to me.  If I go through to the software downloads page, select ONTAP, FAS2240-4, I do not see 8.2.4P1 as an option to donwload.  Does this mean it's not recommended ?  8.2.4 is there.  


I know I can select 8.2.4P1 using specific selection at the bottom of the download page.


Juts want to make sure I get this 100% right first time without the need for a revert.





Re: Recommended software version

Go to MyAutosupport page and go to Upgrade advisor after selecting your system. Upgrade advisor will tell you the highest version you can go to and give you a run down of the steps to take.

Re: Recommended software version

If you continue with 8.2.4 download, at some step you will see suggestion to use 8.2.4P1. You can also search for "recommended ONTAP release", the first hit is KB that lists currently recommended versions.

Re: Recommended software version

Per our SAM as of last week the recommended 7-mode version was still 8.2.3P6 due to the CIFS issue indicated in the "Must Read" notice for the 8.2.4 download.  Though addressed in 8.2.4P1, that is too new to be the recommended version.


If you are going to use the 8.2.4 line, 8.2.4P1 has the fix for that issue and a number of other items of interest.  It isn't the "recommended" release yet only because it's really new.



Hope this helps.


Bob Greenwald

Lead Storage Engineer

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Re: Recommended software version

We've just done an 8.1 to 8.2.4 upgrade on a FAS3220


If it helps, we were advised by support to go to the latest 8.1.x first, BEFORE moving to 8.2.x to reduce the likelihood of upgrade issues. As such we went first from 8.1 to 8.1.4P9, and then 8.1.4P9 to 8.2.4


NOTE as of 8.2.x shelf and disk firmware is now part of the firmware upgrade, whereas prior to 8.2.x you had to download it separately.


Also for info, 8.2.4P2 is now out, although as above, at 2 days old, it is too new to be the recommended upgrade option as yet.