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Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation and NFS


i have a little problem. I try to create a NFS Datastore for ISO´s in my Redhat EV Cluster. In the Redhat Depolmentguide:

( )

i can read this:

  • Determine the NFS share directory. For example, if you intend to share /RHEV/Images, enter the following line into the /etc/exports file.
                                  /RHEV/Images       *(rw,no_root_squash)
    Restart the NFS service.

  • The NFS export directory must be configured for read write access and must be owned by vdsm:kvm. If these users do not exist on your external NFS server use the following commands, assuming that /RHEV/Images is the NFS share.
     chown -R 36:36 /RHEV/Images
     chmod g+s /exports/* -R

     chmod u+s /exports/* -R

How can i configure a Netapp FAS System to satisfy this requirements?

Re: Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation and NFS

I think you are looking at the NFS server setup in RHEL...are you planning to use a RHEL server for NFS serving, or are you serving NFS from your filer?

Re: Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation and NFS

You can prevent root squashing to occur for this mount point and as root, can make the changes.

Something like below

On the NetApp

732sql@simtap1> exportfs -p rw,anon=0 /vol/RHEV

732sql@simtap1> exportfs
     /vol/RHEV       -sec=sys,rw,anon=0

On the client

sh-3.2# mount /RHEV/

sh-3.2# df -h

Filesystem                Size   Used  Avail Capacity  Mounted on  2.0Gi  113Mi  1.9Gi     6%    /RHEV

sh-3.2# cd /RHEV/

sh-3.2# mkdir Images

sh-3.2# chown -R 36:36 Images

sh-3.2# chmod u+s Images

sh-3.2# chmod g+s Images

sh-3.2# ls -ltr

total 208835

drwxrwxrwx  5 root  wheel       4096 Mar 13 22:51 .snapshot

drwsr-sr-x  2 36    36          4096 Apr 25 08:38 Images

Re: Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation and NFS


The short answer is that you can not change the ownership from the NetApp FAS controller.  Here is how you satisfy the requirement: before you mount the NFS from RHEV-M the first time, mount the NFS export manually.  Then change the ownership (chown 36.36 /path/to/export), then unmount the export.  RHEV-M can now mount/unmount the export as necessary.  You will only have to mount it manually once.

I have this and more documented in a joint RHEV/NetApp document here:

Jon (jb)