Reference Customers

My customer is thinking of using dedupe in its production environment.

I hear this is becoming more popular, instead of just using it in the DR/backup environment.

Are there any customers who have successfully done this that I can use as a reference?

Re: Reference Customers

Hello Neil

if you go our to our public website we have a number of published customer stories. Virginia Credit Union is a good one. We have thousands of customers using it very successfully in production deployments.

Re: Reference Customers

We are a law firm and have 23,000,000 documents on a 4Tb volume. A-SIS lowered the storage requirement by 16%.

Re: Reference Customers

We de-duped a critical 1.4TB CIFS share. Worked great and in this case it reduced the volume by 35%. There is a large amount of critical business data there and the de-dup has worked without a hitch.

Re: Reference Customers

Hi Neil, in addition to the other comments - I am trying to keep the dedupe page in up-to-date with the latest published customer references. Here is the link - you'll see 3 current case studies and I am about to add about 5 more. BTW if any of you dedupe users out there would like NetApp to produce and promote your company's use of deduplication, send me a note and we'll get you in the queue.