Reinitializing Quota's, how does it affect my storage?



We created about 30 qtree's on one volume, and on top of those 30 qtree's 30 quota's, all hard size quota's. When i wanted to change the quota type from 'hard size' to 'soft size' i noticed a lot of quota's wheren't activated at all, because there was never a quota reinitialization done.

In the system manager where the Deactivate and Activate buttons for the volume can be found, i see about 30 messages like 'quota: skipping new definition for .....'.


What happens if i deactivate and reactivate the quota's on this volume? Will it cause high load on the storage box? Is it possible the CIFS shares become inaccessable for a couple of seconds or will there be absolutely no high-load and interference?


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