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Remove Windows Shares

I have a problem with my Storevault S500.  It used to be used with Windows Shares and now CIFS doesn't appear to want to work.  However, this shouldn't be too much of an issue as I only want to use LUNs from now on.  The problem is the Windows Shares are taking up 2TB leaving very little space for anything else, and I don't seem to be able to remove them.  Am I missing something?

Re: Remove Windows Shares

Hi David,

Have you removed the old volumes that were hosting the windows shares from the StoreVault?  You should be able to offline/destroy any volumes that aren't being used.

Just make sure you offline/destroy the right volumes!!

Re: Remove Windows Shares

Thats great, that worked!  however, it's now telling me that I can only create a LUN of 810GB, so I though, no problem, I'll create two 810's, hoever once I've done one thats 810, it only allows me to do another of 18GB?  Whats going on?

Re: Remove Windows Shares

you're storevault may just be out of storage.  if you run the following command it should tell you how much data you have to play with in your aggregate:

df -Ah

Are you using snap reserves and/or snapshotting your current data?  I'd need a whole lot more information about your system to answer why it won't let you create another 810GB LUN - although it may simply be out of space.

I'd really recommend the Ontap user guides on the NOW site, has plenty of information around aggregate/volumes/LUNs etc etc.  you may find you can reclaim some space after a quick read.