Removing SnapManager for SQL Server


We want to remove SnapManager for SQL from our SQL server. Since this software handled storage management of SQL server, we are afraid of the side effect.

Do you know any side affect of this proccess.

Thank you.

Re: Removing SnapManager for SQL Server

Happy New Year and welcome to the forum.

We killed two of our configs last year and had to re-install SMSQL to resolve the issue.

We just add/remove, uninstall SMSQL, reboot and that was it, as I remember.

Both systems were W2K3 cluster.

Good luck

Re: Removing SnapManager for SQL Server

SnapManager is managing the schedule of backups and interacting at backup time to facilitate the VSS quiesce of the system, interacts with SnapDrive for the snapshot, etc. Removing SMSQL should not have an impact. However,*SnapDrive* is managing the LUNs and SQL is being directed to those mapped (or mounted) drives (!)

SMSQL can be removed, but SnapDrive should be left in place (and has benefits of its own).

I hope this helps.