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Removing disks from an aggr

Hi all

We recently added disks to an aggr. using the aggr command and the 23@450 expecting to get additional 450 gb disks.

We did, except for 3 which were some spare 600gb disks.

disk rreplace does not work

disk fail says no spare disks do you want to continue.

We did not.

So, how can we get those disks out of there.

Support says can't be done without moving all the data and destroying the aggr which is probably not feasable.


----- walter

Re: Removing disks from an aggr

Unfortunately the only way is to migrate the data and destroy the aggr... worth calling the NetApp or VAR team and see if they have spare gear if it has to be fixed.. the @size would work if smaller to the right sized gb

Re: Removing disks from an aggr

This is no help (sorry!) but this is always always always why I specify the drives individually and explicitly, however painful it might sometimes be.

If the 600G drives are now data drives, nothing you can do except live with it or migrate the data off the aggr...


Re: Removing disks from an aggr

O well, I thought that would be the answer.

We'lll just have to live with it.


I think it is a bug that ontap uses the right sized space.

The documentation is not particularly clear about that.

It says "Disks will be selected that are within approximately 20% of the specified size will be selected"

Even if you look at the right sized space, the 2 disks are not within 20%.

It would be better if the aggr add (or create etc) used the rated space, ie 450 or 600 or whatever.