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Renaming a secondary volume and reestablishing Snapvault

I struggle with the process of snapmirroring a volume, on the secondary filer, to a different aggragate and then re-establishing the snapvault process.  Does anyone know or have a step-by-step process for doing so?

This is what I know: 1) You snapmirror to a new volume that obviously has a new name, 2) cancel the old snapvault process in DFM (never can get this to work properly), 3) delete old volume, 4) rename new volume to old volume name, 4) this is where I get lost, re-establish snapvault on secondary through DFM

I hope someone understands my question and can lend a hand.



Re: Renaming a secondary volume and reestablishing Snapvault

Hi ,

Steps to migrate the volume are below -

1) Create new volume   (volume size must be equal or greater than original one )

2) Restrict the volume (using the vol restrict command )

3) Intialize the snapmirror (snapmirror intialize  sourcefiler:source_path  destination_filer:destination path

4) Update the snapmirror once the initial mirror is 'idle' in snapmirror status command

5) Quiesce the snapmirror relationship (snapmirror quiesce command) ,break the snapmirror relation (snapmirror break command)

6) Stop the snapvault relation on the original volume (using snapvault stop -f destination_path )

7) Rename the original volume to some other name (vol rename command) ,rename the new volume to original name .

8) Start the snapvault start from the primary  (snapvault start  primaryfiler:primary_volumepath  secondaryfiler:secondary_volumepath)

8) Verify if the data transfer is done successfully (check volume size and other vol features )

9) Offline the old volume and destroy it for space reclaim on the existing storage .

Let me know if you want the commands



Re: Renaming a secondary volume and reestablishing Snapvault

Thanks for a quick response.  I'm onboard with everything you list but #'s 6 and the first 8 (you inadvertantly did 8 twice).  The command I would type for # 6 would be:  "ssh secondary_filer snapvault stop -f secondary-filer:/original_vol_name".  Am I correct?

As for #8 (restarting the snapvault), here is where I am still a bit confused.  Let me give a little more info; we snapvault qtrees from the primary to the secondary, not volumes.  So do I have to re-run your command for each qtree in the primary volume that will have a relationship with the new volume on the secondary?  If so, is this correct syntax:  "ssh secondaryfiler snapvault start primaryfiler:/volume/qtree secondaryfiler:/newvolume/qtree".  If not, I guess I need a bit more clarification.

Thanks in advance, Blaik

Re: Renaming a secondary volume and reestablishing Snapvault

Hi ,

Sorry for giving the volumes path in snapvault command  . Yes you are correct that snapvault commands will include qtree .

Imp -If the volume is migrating to same filer  then no need to do any thing on snapvault side .Once the new volume is renamed to original one it will take

the old snapvault relationship.

Let me know if you have some more queries