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Replacing a defective disk Hitachi 144GB with a Seagate 144GB in a FAS270 Filer

I had a disk mark as broken in a FAS270 Filer. The OS is Data ONTAP 7.0.4

The disk model is: HUS103014FLF210 (Hitachi 147GB 10000 RPM, sysconfig -v = x274_hpyta146f10, firmware NA03).

The existent spare disk was used automatically to replace the broken disk.

I tried to replace the broken disk with the following disk:

Seagate 147GB 10000RPM,sysconfig -v=x274_10k7146f10, fimware NA01, disk model:ST3146707FC

After the replacement the disk not appeare as a spare disk as is normal.

In aggr status -r I have no spare and the the bay were the broken disk was before is not listed in sysconfig -r command.

At FC adapter level I can see the new introduced disk , its model, firmware etc (sysconfig -a command)

I don't know why the disk wasn't automatically recognize as a spare disk. The new disk has the same capacity and RPM like the old one.

I have in syslog the following messages:

Unable to build FCAl map... resseting device

Unable to communicate with device shelf, disk

In the disk matrix I saw that the actual firmware is N07 for the Seagate disk. Maybe is a a compatibility problem because my disk has only the NA01 firmware,

Can anyone help me to fix this problem?



Re: Replacing a defective disk Hitachi 144GB with a Seagate 144GB in a FAS270 Filer

Are you familar with the Software Disk Ownership concepts?

If you can see the disk in sysconfig -a or sysconfig -v, then the disk may be working properly but may be unowned or owned by another system (it happens).

From the command line, run these commands:

disk show -n

disk show -a

The first command shows if there are any disks present that are unowned, or not assigned to the FAS270 controller(s).

The second command shows all disk ownership, including any disks that may have been accidentally assigned at the factory to a different system.

They're supposed to remove the disk ownership from spare disks, but sometimes it gets missed.

If the disk is unowned, then run the disk assign command to assign it to that controller.

disk assign 0b.XX


disk assign all

If the disk is owned by another system, there is a process to reassign the ownership - but it's best to contact NetApp Support (888-4NETAPP) before you attempt that process.