Resize Volume used for CIFS


We have a FAS2020 filer v7.3.2. Our volume (400GB) used for CIFS is now reaching almost 90% and we are planning to increase it to 500GB (for example).

This volume has the snapshot and deduplication feature turned on. So the question is, is it safe to resize this using the "Resize" option in System Manager?

Any tips on risks, issues, etc.? THanks!!!



Re: Resize Volume used for CIFS

Hi Vito

It's safe to resize as long as you have enough free space in your Aggregate . We have deduplication and snapshoting enabled on our CIFS volumes and have resized without issue. Personally I would recommend turning on volume autogrow and Snapshot autodelete, then you can just monitor free space in your Aggregate and not worry about your volume hitting 100%

One thing to note that did catch us out on autogrow if you have set a size of a volume to 1TB then downsized the volume to 500GB the volume won't autogrow over 1TB, you can change the autogrow limit via the command line.


Re: Resize Volume used for CIFS

Hi Lee,

Thanks your reply is very reassuring. I just did the resize now and it seems it's fine, no problems

I will consider your suggestion on autogrow and autodelete of snapshot as it seems those are good features to use.

Thanks again for your help! Cheers!


Re: Resize Volume used for CIFS

hi newnham_it

its better you monitor the volumes and run reports every day or every week as per your standards.

if you keep auto grow set.. there may be a chance that you can miss the volumes which are misusing the space.

i personally do not turn on the autogrow option, in this case you have control over your volumes and can check who is using and question the respective person who owns the volume.

Re: Resize Volume used for CIFS

Thanks vijay I will consider your advise as well.