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Resizing a LUN on an S500


We're using a S500 full of 500GB disks. I wanted to resize one of the LUN's but got Error 28.  I got past this by running:

vol options ‘LUN NAME’ guarantee none

However this has resulted in all but 10% of my storage being allocated to snapshots, despite snapshotting being turned off for all volumes on the unit.

If I try to set it back using

vol options ‘LUN NAME’ guarantee volume

I now get an error about inssufficient space (presumably because it thinks it's all allocated to snapshots).

However if I run

snap reserve 'LUN NAME'

it tells me 0kb is allocated (as snapshotting is disabled for all LUN's)

Can anyone tell me how to resolve this?




Re: Resizing a LUN on an S500

Screen shot clearly shows there is not much free space,initially trying to resize gave you an error and as you have mentioned you got past it by changing it to none.When you set it to none what it means is whatever the size you have provisioned will not be guaranteed,you will get that space provided there is enough space available in the system.One way to get this resolved is, add some storage space by using 1 spare disk.Regarding snapshots please clarify using "snap list -V" and check which volumes have occupied some space.For further help please feel free to get in touch with Netapp Global Support.



Re: Resizing a LUN on an S500

HI Daniel,

I have a similar issue (see So far, the only solution I can find is to use FilerView which is unsupported =( and may break your S500.