Restore Error with Protection Manager

Having an issue restoring a single file through Protection Manager. (4.0.1, Windows)

The setup is as follows

Source  and destinaiton are both - 3240HA's running 8.0.1

We havea DR Mirror then backup policy assigned to the volume.

Both sided have the NDMP_Preferred interface set

See the attachement for the error message in the log.

Re: Restore Error with Protection Manager

Sorry I attached the same picture twice, here is the second error messge

Re: Restore Error with Protection Manager

I don't know for sure but it looks like the restore destination system closed the data connection in the middle of the transfer. Did you run out of space or have some hiccup on it?

Failing that I think you need to look at the ONTAP logs to see what happened.

-- Pete

Re: Restore Error with Protection Manager

Don't think it was a hiccup or network issue. it is a consistent and repeatable error.

Are there specific OnTap logs for snapvault restores I can look at ?

Re: Restore Error with Protection Manager

It will depend on what you're restoring and to where (and the ONTAP versions). All of these can affect how ProtMgr executes the restore.

If you are restoring an entire qtree to it's original location and it was backed up with SnapVault and the storage systems are running 7.3.1 or later, then we'll use a SnapVault restore. In that case you need to look in the snapmirror.log files.

If any of the above are not true, we'll use NDMP dump/restore and I think you're looking in ndmp.log (or maybe ndmpd.log, I forget the actual name).

In either case, make sure to look in the logs of both storage systems.

-- Pete

Re: Restore Error with Protection Manager

So it looks like this issue is getting more complex then I thought. It appears that the DFM is ignoring the ndmp.preferred_interface option entirely. If we bring up the other interface on the filer ( data serving) the restore works, but when the only interface that is avaialble is the one set  ndmpd.preferred_interface the restore fails.

Anyone have any ideas ? We're on the line with support...