Restore NFS snapshot file

I'm trying to restore a single file within an NFS vmdk snapshot file.

I've installed Unix services for Windows on my Windows 2003 server and I can connect to the NFS export.

I followed the article on to mount a vmdk snapshot,

but have no result.

Also when using UFS Explorer or VMware DiskMount Utilty, the snapshot vmdk file is not recognized.

Has anyone managed to do this?

Re: Restore NFS snapshot file

I have used UFS explorer and have been successful. I don't know enough to be able

to tell you what to do if vmdk isn't recognized. Anymore details ?

Re: Restore NFS snapshot file

Are you looking at the "-flat" vmdk file, or the vmdk pointer? One has all the data, the other simply has the information about the disk.

Re: Restore NFS snapshot file

I also get an error when I tried to attach an .vmdk snapshot file to a running VM, it looks like

the snapshot files are corrupt are read-only are something....

I should be able to attach them as a second disk to a VM...., or not?

Re: Restore NFS snapshot file

You'll need to attach the actual VM's disk to a "swing VM" (not the -delta files) I believe.

Re: Restore NFS snapshot file

I attach an original vmdk file, no delta one.