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Restore Systemstate


i get the following error when i try to restore the systemstat of a W2k3 Server (virtuell Server on ESX):

vm01:Could not restore to SystemState. This directory is involved in a SnapVault relationship. Please release it on host vm01 and then try restore. Note that releasing the relationship will mean that the backups of this directory will stop working.

As this is done by Protection Manager, i don't want to do things out of Protection Manager. So any idea?

Thank you



Re: Restore Systemstate

Hi Maurice,

I Presume this is an OSSV based backup. If yes, please check out the following link:

OSSV restore fails when relation is not released


OSSV restore gives the error message "Cannot initialize an existing Qtree".


OSSV requires users to remove the primary relationship if full restore has to be done on the same location (not required for single file/sub folder restore). This problem will also happen during a system state restore.


Release the primary relation before doing restore

I guess you need to check out with OSSV folks.

Hope this helps.

Thanks and regards

Shiva Raja

Re: Restore Systemstate

thank you for the answer. the ossv FAQs are very interessting. regards Maurice