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Restore Volume Structure without Snapmirror

Hi All,

I have a customer who want to do a DR restore from a 2050 to a 2020. Everyhing in the 2050 was backed up via NDMP including /vol/vol0.

My question is, in the scenario that the 2050 got burn down, is there any way I can restore the vol structure (there are nearly 50 of them), including the original volume size and name, onto the 2020 (assuming there are enough storage on the 2020 and the aggregates are created) without using syncmirror or snapmirror?

Can I just simply copy everything in the /etc directory over and reboot?

Thanks in advanced for any assistance rendered.



Re: Restore Volume Structure without Snapmirror

I think you will have to recreate all volumes manually. AFAIK volume definition is not kept somewhere on vol0, but in respective aggregate.

Keep in mind that LUN serial numbers (if you are using LUN) will most likely change so you may need to reset them as well.