Restore mailbox from snapvault

I need to create a procedure, to enable our 2nd line team to restore end users email (Outlook & Exchange 2003) from our SnapVault system.

I am thinking of using flexclones and mounting the snapshots as LUNs on a recovery server with the NetApp Single Mailbox Recovery tool.  However this means giving 2nd line access to filerview.

Is there an app or plug-in to SME to limit the access 2nd line require?

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Re: Restore mailbox from snapvault

Could you not create a quick script to do this? The mailboxes would be in standard stores, so have a series of scripts that would clone each store as required. If you put in a pause in the script, then when the operation is complete, continue and the clone gets removed.

You could use RBAC to create a specific user for this sole purpose, and then use either RSH or SSH (SSH always my preference). Let me know if you'd like some examples and I could email some stuff across.

The difficulty is limiting access if you are using SMBR to recover the mailboxes however.

Re: Restore mailbox from snapvault

Snapdrive 6 means they can access the snapshots in the snapvault on the recovery server.  Still a risk but much less than what was required on SD 4.

Going to document procedure for them based on SD6.

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Re: Restore mailbox from snapvault