Reverse Snapmirror Src/Dest keeping FlexClones at Dest

I have a customer who would like to reverse a snapmirror relationship but keep the flexclones running off the "old" source volume (original flexclone location). Does anyone have any experience with this?

SnapMirror Relationship
Source: SiteA:vol1                           Destination: SiteB:vol1_mirror

FlexClones Parent Volume: SiteA:vol1

Replicate SiteA “vol1” to SiteB “vol1_mirror”.

Customer wants to migrate vol1 from SiteA to SiteB but keep the flexclones active in SiteA running from “vol1” as parent volume after the migration.

After the migration the customer will make the following changes to snapmirror relationships:
Source: SiteB:vol1_mirror                            Destination: SiteA:vol1


- Does the development site running off the flexclones need to be shutdown so no data changes are made to SiteA snapshots running flexclones? I would assume this would need to be a requirement

- Is the reverse relationship possible without needing to rebaseline the mirror relationship back to siteA?
- Will the flexclones be “rehydrated” during the resync? The customer is roughly 800% overcommitted if they were to split off all flexclones
- Can you outline the proper steps to make this cutover?

Re: Reverse Snapmirror Src/Dest keeping FlexClones at Dest

If I understand you correctly, it should be fine as long as you do not delete any snapshots that are the basis of the clones.  This means they must exist (and always exist) on SiteB.  You must also use snapmirror resync to reverse it and not re-initialize.    Volume SnapMirror should maintain all of the snapshots when you transfer things.

But I would try it in a test environment first just to be sure.