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Routing problems with Intercluster LIF



in a small environment i have a 2 node system and a single node system in a remote office connected via vpn. I make daily snapmirror updates through that vpn.


I have now a problem:  How to make a every time working Intercluster configuration.


When the intercluster is in the same IP subnet as the management interfaces, i got problems, that sometimes services (like Autosupport) can use the intercluster IP as source and not the node management LIF. (Documented in the network management guide)


So i configured a own management network, with ONTAP 9.1 all was fine, but after a upgrade to 9.2 i can't reach the SSH and HTTP services on the management interfaces from clients in the same subnet as the Intercluster LIF.


Subnet A - NetApp Management interfaces

Subnet B - Intercluster and also some Clients


With enabled Intercluster in Subnet B i can ping the Management interfaces in Subnet A from Subnet B from a client, but can't use SSH or HTTP. When i disable the Intercluster i can connect via SSH or HTTP.


As a workaround i made now 3 subnets, a own subnet for Intercluster.


But can that be correct, that the management isn't useable when a Intercluster is present in the source network?


Kind regards