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SIM Snapmiror Reverse Resync



I want to make a test about Snapmirror reverse resync in 8.3 simulator. After I broke snapmirror relationship, I make reverse resync.


When I look from old source for snapmirror  I am seeing fail message. 


Is it because simulator or is there samething I am missing ?





Re: SIM Snapmiror Reverse Resync



Thank you for reaching NetApp communities. May i know the procedure you have been following to re-sync ?



Check if transfer in progress asthere shouldn't be any ongoing transfer while performing re-sync.

1. comment out (#) the SM relationship which you want to reverse resync from the /etc/snapmirror.conf in the destination filer.


2. Break relationship from the destination. (snapmirror break filerDst:voldst)


3. Resync snapmirror relationship from source (snapmirror resync -S filerDst:voldst filersrc:volsrc)


4. Now use snapmirror update (snapmirror update -S filerdst:voldst filersrc:volsrc)


5. Check snapmirror status from original source. (There should be two snapmirror relationship for that volume)


6. Release the earlier snapmirror relationship on source (snapmirror release)


7. Create a new entry in /etc/snappmirror.conf file on the source filer (which is now a destination for this SM relationship).