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SIS volume full

I get this warning: Aggregate aggr0 is full Change logging metafile on SIS volumes in the aggregate can not hold any more fingerprint entries.

I looked this KB up: What are the repercussions of a full aggregate? (KB ID: 3011413) But, I think that we are full for real:

netapp1> df -A

Aggregate               kbytes       used      avail capacity

aggr0               4237309008 4237309008          0     100%

aggr0/.snapshot              0          0          0     ---%

Now what?


Re: SIS volume full


Well, you are full for real & there is no easy fix, as aggregate snap reserve is already set to 0%.

You have few options:

- add more disks & expand the aggregate

- delete some data / volumes

- if volumes are fully provisioned (guarantee set to volume), but not completely filled with data, change them to thin provisioned (guarantee set to none)